After Microprocessors and Micro controllers, this semester I got the wonderful opportunity of getting to learn Mechatronics, the fascinating marvel. The one which unites all disciplines like mechanical engineering, electronics, programming under one roof to make a product.

Though Professor J Prasanna was a gem of a person, many didn’t like his strict and unconventional approach to the subject, such as On time to class (Sadly this has become unconventional now), not allowing late comers and marks for correct answer.

Hmmm..Everyone hates perfectionism that’s what I can infer from my colleagues attitude.

The synergistic integration of mechanical engineering, electronic engineering and intelligent computer control to design and manufacture products and processes.

The numerous number of classes and the efforts he took to make us understand about the real life use of Mechatronics and its implementation and control… Such a great professor we had got in our college, feeling happy that we have got professors like him to maintain the reputation and the quality of our college.

After this semester examination, he is no more for us 😦 😦 . I can assure that he would have planned to teach us much more, sadly because of the hectic placement schedule and bad attitude of students, he stuck to the syllabus.

I will take all efforts to give my best shot on the Tuesday end semester examination, that is the best I can do as of now as a student to honor him. .


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