Indian Cricket – An Analysis


Past few days ago, read about a  wonderful discussion on Indian cricket, I would like to share my opinion on it. .I was so moved by the post and as it was in Tamil, my regional language, not many would have taken a look at it. So let me explain what I read in the article and my own view about it. .

Lets see its history first, Cricket a lazy game introduced by British in India. Basically a game which made hardworking Indians lazy. . Typical about it ? It is played by countries which were under British rule during early days. A game which neither has aggressiveness nor spirit, yet called a team sport. 

Countries which were under control of Portuguese, Spain, France such as Argentina Brazil, Mexico, bred football and all are now world famous for it. .  Even in the Indian states which were under control of Portuguese such as Kerala, Goa foot ball is quite popular. 

I am not a foot ball fan or against Cricket here, all I want to say cricket is so lazy and so time consuming to play and watch, so addictive because of lot of figures and stats, anyone would speak about it and think about it even long after the game. . 

Funny thing about cricket is apart from England and Australia none of the countries playing it are developed countries, all are underdeveloped or developing countries, and what makes it even more funnier is when some team wins world cup or a number one ranking .. They would be praised that World Number 1. . Whats the point in calling a team world number 1 when there are only 7 countries competing. ?!!

There are so many tiny countries winning so many medals in Olympics, they don’t seem to give a sh*t about cricket ! ! And we India World Number One ODI team (ROFL :D) with a population of 1.2 billion . . couldn’t even win a single gold last year, and yet the whole country wont give a fu*k and tune to their star cricket to see some fixed cricket match. . .

When games like Water polo are in olympics, no one gives a sh*t about cricket, because its neither a team sport nor an aggressive and competitive one, this isn’t enough ? So start thinking people. .

The attitude of people have to change big time and they have to seriously change their perspective about cricket and SPORT . There are several talented and capable individuals in variety of sports but because of lack of fund and support they end up in some other career giving up their passion and dream. . 

All I want is stop people stop being mad about lazy cricket and start playing and supporting some real aggressive sport, for example say Kho-kho, kabadi etc., like our great ancestors did, which kept them fit and energetic. . And for God sake respect and support other sports (any sport) which are far more aggressive and fair than cricket.

I didn’t mean to hurt any cricket fans or players, If I had, I am sorry. .

I just want Equality and Respect for all Sports . . 



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