Atlast Its going to END

Well, I am talking about the semester examinations at the coll, though this time they have been little kind and easy on us, they can be dangerous, if not handled properly, So far so good, just one more to go, Industrial Management, God only knows why such a subject was invented in first place and why was it made compulsory for Mechanical Engineering students, I totally agree that management and organisation bla bla. is necessary, But i dont see the point in learning a subject for it.

Its got to take some common sense and some strategy to organize resources and people in a company. . Anyway I don want to mull about it anymore, I ve got to read those countless number of management terminologies and the hierarchies and structures and have to exactly replicate it in day after tomorrow’s examination.

Today’s Turbomachinery was pretty cool, as expected all the questions were easy and so low level, Gave a good shot, got  to see how it turned out, when results come out. .



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