Thinking to grow rich !!

Off late Flipkart hasn’t been doing a great job and just starting to be a pain in A** . The products are too costly, minimum buy for 500 to get a free delivery,  discounts are just an eyewash . .

Mean while there comes the newcomer, Amazon India, totally cool, fast and user friendly interface, and the products are at not damn cheap but not damn high like flipkart, they are just perfect and the discounts are Really discounts when they offer them. And for special products they do free delivery regardless of however low they may be priced.

Ordered 2 books Think and grow rich, by Napolean Hill and Life is what you make it, Preeti Shenoy . for a sum of 141 bucks, Cash on delivery totally free without any shipping charges. I may sound crazy or silly for putting this blog, but seriously Amazon deserves a post, Consumers have to look out of flipkart to find a better shopping site like Amazon.

First time buying through Amazon, Really expecting the books to be delivered in quick time and in excellent condition, in style ..



2 thoughts on “Thinking to grow rich !!

  1. for post a comment here,, i create a new account here. o. in china,we use blog..

    ohh, amazon is a newcomer in india?
    it seems it has been exist for a few years..
    yeah,i like its service too, perfect.. i almost get all my books through amazon.. high quality and free delivery..

  2. by the way, i think amazon ‘ kindle is a great and cool invention… in its kindle store, there are so many free and extremely reasonable original e-books…using a kindle to read is cool and make the best use of our time when we are taking commuter trains ,much better than touching touching touching touching phones or ipad …haha.. eveytime i am struggling in the crowded subway or street,,I can stay with my kindle,just like traveling in the grand ocean of knowledge..its true..suggest you get a kindle as well.. wish you more and more excellent shopping experiences in amazon, and growin up into a sophisticated shopper…. hahahhaahhaahah

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