Solar Refrigeration

Our design and fabrication Project, is about to come to an END. . Though initially there were few hiccups proceeding with this project, on seeing the big picture, I am satisfied to some extent. We learned and experienced few new things, met new people and got new contacts, got to know about various places in coll, which we earlier thought never existed. .

Had been the DC compressor arrived in time, it would have been AWESOME, the additional costs coz of getting an inverter and battery would have been saved. . roughly 8000 bucks. . 

Day after tomorrow is the final review and viva, and tomorrow is the last day for getting the thesis signed by our guide and the head of the department. 

We: myself, Abish, Naveen, Benz, have stood up for each other all time and though I cant say everybody has worked equal hours 😉 The support each one provided for one another was tremendous, and whenever one or 2 of us had work, the other 2 would chip in and do the work.  .  in crucial times. . Thats how a great TEAM would work.  ..


We are more like Avengers, a team of superstars. .Each having a unique potential and power,. .Very happy to be part of such a cool team. . 

Looking forward for Next Semester project. .


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