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The UPSC – Sprinting Marathon

Well, How well can you sprint a marathon?, is what the honourable UPSC tests of its aspirants, eying for Engineering Services, Administrative services, and other handful and mouthful number of services.


To be precise and accurate as it’s an innate quality of a mechanical engineer, there are 23 services which include Postal Service, Railway service, Accounts service and what not.  A good number of IITians and NITians get lost in these numerous services which are neither as powerful nor as stylish as the esteemed IAS IPS, which all eye for.

The absolutely fair and impeccable way UPSC conducts the exams all over INDIA with the precise delivery of results is impeccable and I take a bow.

From the outset as a candidate my focus was on the preparation of technical subjects, now looking it from a distant perspective, the intricacies of UPSC fascinates me.

Giving everyone a fair second chance, and factoring in karma, patience and perseverance. It’s truly indeed the mother of all exams.

The control equation would be,

Selection = f(Right knowledge, adaptability, smartness, KARMA, Patience, perseverance)

How strong is your vision and how long would you fight for your dream, how capable and skilful you will be in your battle, in D-DAY is what UPSC sees from you.

It’s not if you are rich or poor or know x or y or z, your acceptance into government service is by the only way which is FAIR FAIR FAIR, it was it is and it will always be the pride of INDIA.

Jai Hind