An Engineer’s problem

Once upon a time in India, when every student who completed High school final examinations successfully with high marks opted for medicine and the others chose arts and literature. . . And SOME, SOME really interested or LUCKY ones got into engineering. . Then came the demand. . Which was huge as there were meager number of students, and the progress in manufacturing started to improve at good pace. .

And then came the ILLUSION or misconception that students who studied engineering got high pays and got settled in no time. .bla bla. .Which takes us to next stage, Many students joined engineering, not as many but somewhat higher than the usual. .And as the industrial growth and economy was also developing all along, was capable of absorbing the few more excess students. .

Thus our people, the Indian parents formed a strong opinion or believed that studying ENGINEERING = settled life, hefty salary package, and most importantly it takes just 4 years to study, unlike medicine where you have to study atleast 10 good years to earn as much as an engineer would do. .

So the craze was on and the rich goons and mafias understood the situation and started x, y, z engineering colleges, and pocketed the hard earned money of middle class parents who sent their sons to those colleges to study. That was the first step of quality degradation. In span of just few years, there were 500 colleges in just MY STATE, Only god knows how many are in whole India.

Quality of Engineering was eroding exponentially, and thus leaving many new fresh engineering graduates clueless, and most importantly JOBLESS. Thats when IT Information Technology kicked in, it absorbed engineers from all disciplines, like chemical, agricultural, mechanical, electrical, electronics, civil etc. . and trained them in some software and employed them..  As most of the clients were MNCs located abroad, the pay package was decent too. . 

But the crucial or more threatening problem is the engineering discipline which one majored went USELESS. . But no body seemed to care all the parents and students want was a decent job, Engineering degree, and settled life. . .

The even  worst thing was, this became a TREND. . Many of my school friends who were sharp, and intelligent are delighted and sharing statuses on facebook that they got placed in some IT concern. . I was happy that they got a job, But at the same time, I was deeply worried that, these guys deserve much more, and they could have achieved more. .

But sadly life is not all what we want or what we wish isn’t it. .    

Coming to my story. .

Me, Nearly going to complete Mechanical engineering, in the so called most privileged college in my state or one among the best in country, the The great CEG, Anna University.  

Being @ last semester, looking back at the 4 year course, It taught me much more than just Engineering. The IT giants came in and recruited bulk number of students in our campus too. .  

As I said earlier some bright minds of my class and college,  got slipped into it too. . . The core companies visiting the campus are few in number and the number of students they recruit are even few. . . Wishing to get placed soon. .. .


Solar Refrigeration

Our design and fabrication Project, is about to come to an END. . Though initially there were few hiccups proceeding with this project, on seeing the big picture, I am satisfied to some extent. We learned and experienced few new things, met new people and got new contacts, got to know about various places in coll, which we earlier thought never existed. .

Had been the DC compressor arrived in time, it would have been AWESOME, the additional costs coz of getting an inverter and battery would have been saved. . roughly 8000 bucks. . 

Day after tomorrow is the final review and viva, and tomorrow is the last day for getting the thesis signed by our guide and the head of the department. 

We: myself, Abish, Naveen, Benz, have stood up for each other all time and though I cant say everybody has worked equal hours 😉 The support each one provided for one another was tremendous, and whenever one or 2 of us had work, the other 2 would chip in and do the work.  .  in crucial times. . Thats how a great TEAM would work.  ..


We are more like Avengers, a team of superstars. .Each having a unique potential and power,. .Very happy to be part of such a cool team. . 

Looking forward for Next Semester project. .

Thinking to grow rich !!

Off late Flipkart hasn’t been doing a great job and just starting to be a pain in A** . The products are too costly, minimum buy for 500 to get a free delivery,  discounts are just an eyewash . .

Mean while there comes the newcomer, Amazon India, totally cool, fast and user friendly interface, and the products are at not damn cheap but not damn high like flipkart, they are just perfect and the discounts are Really discounts when they offer them. And for special products they do free delivery regardless of however low they may be priced.

Ordered 2 books Think and grow rich, by Napolean Hill and Life is what you make it, Preeti Shenoy . for a sum of 141 bucks, Cash on delivery totally free without any shipping charges. I may sound crazy or silly for putting this blog, but seriously Amazon deserves a post, Consumers have to look out of flipkart to find a better shopping site like Amazon.

First time buying through Amazon, Really expecting the books to be delivered in quick time and in excellent condition, in style ..


Atlast Its going to END

Well, I am talking about the semester examinations at the coll, though this time they have been little kind and easy on us, they can be dangerous, if not handled properly, So far so good, just one more to go, Industrial Management, God only knows why such a subject was invented in first place and why was it made compulsory for Mechanical Engineering students, I totally agree that management and organisation bla bla. is necessary, But i dont see the point in learning a subject for it.

Its got to take some common sense and some strategy to organize resources and people in a company. . Anyway I don want to mull about it anymore, I ve got to read those countless number of management terminologies and the hierarchies and structures and have to exactly replicate it in day after tomorrow’s examination.

Today’s Turbomachinery was pretty cool, as expected all the questions were easy and so low level, Gave a good shot, got  to see how it turned out, when results come out. .


Indian Cricket – An Analysis


Past few days ago, read about a  wonderful discussion on Indian cricket, I would like to share my opinion on it. .I was so moved by the post and as it was in Tamil, my regional language, not many would have taken a look at it. So let me explain what I read in the article and my own view about it. .

Lets see its history first, Cricket a lazy game introduced by British in India. Basically a game which made hardworking Indians lazy. . Typical about it ? It is played by countries which were under British rule during early days. A game which neither has aggressiveness nor spirit, yet called a team sport. 

Countries which were under control of Portuguese, Spain, France such as Argentina Brazil, Mexico, bred football and all are now world famous for it. .  Even in the Indian states which were under control of Portuguese such as Kerala, Goa foot ball is quite popular. 

I am not a foot ball fan or against Cricket here, all I want to say cricket is so lazy and so time consuming to play and watch, so addictive because of lot of figures and stats, anyone would speak about it and think about it even long after the game. . 

Funny thing about cricket is apart from England and Australia none of the countries playing it are developed countries, all are underdeveloped or developing countries, and what makes it even more funnier is when some team wins world cup or a number one ranking .. They would be praised that World Number 1. . Whats the point in calling a team world number 1 when there are only 7 countries competing. ?!!

There are so many tiny countries winning so many medals in Olympics, they don’t seem to give a sh*t about cricket ! ! And we India World Number One ODI team (ROFL :D) with a population of 1.2 billion . . couldn’t even win a single gold last year, and yet the whole country wont give a fu*k and tune to their star cricket to see some fixed cricket match. . .

When games like Water polo are in olympics, no one gives a sh*t about cricket, because its neither a team sport nor an aggressive and competitive one, this isn’t enough ? So start thinking people. .

The attitude of people have to change big time and they have to seriously change their perspective about cricket and SPORT . There are several talented and capable individuals in variety of sports but because of lack of fund and support they end up in some other career giving up their passion and dream. . 

All I want is stop people stop being mad about lazy cricket and start playing and supporting some real aggressive sport, for example say Kho-kho, kabadi etc., like our great ancestors did, which kept them fit and energetic. . And for God sake respect and support other sports (any sport) which are far more aggressive and fair than cricket.

I didn’t mean to hurt any cricket fans or players, If I had, I am sorry. .

I just want Equality and Respect for all Sports . . 


What was the one experience that completely changed your life? What happened? How did it change your life?

I was a dumb-ass way back then. . I still clearly really how dumb and numb I was, I don’t know why, even now I get to feel the same way some times, well that’s different story. .  Way back during my third and fourth grades I wound just hopelessly come to school without no intention of studying and I even failed at maths few times miserably. . Things got going the same way till some 7th grade 

My grades during the end of term I and II were C and B. I was no body, just an average student with a boring life. . After which I got the spark or the turning point of my life. . I joined a tuition and things seemed to go the same way until, I got 96% in my science exam because of miscalculation of my teacher, as it was the highest mark in my class and many got my paper and checked it, I don’t know why anybody didn’t notice it and report it to the teacher. I was so confused because of that. 

Surprisingly I got an A grade in the III term and for the first time since many years. When I said it to my tuition teacher, he was happy and even made me promise to get better marks next examination. I thought to myself that this is just a flash in the pan and no way next time or anytime such thing could be possible.

Quarterly examination was approaching and I studied with much more focus and enthusiasm I got from no where and to everybody’s surprise I got an A once again. From there on it was full of A’s in my schooling apart from few blemishes in tenth grade because of various other reasons such as losing marks in bulk because of silly mistakes and few unexpected questions. 

My way of preparation and the confidence grew and as I was of CBSE board, I focused more on various types of problems from all sources such as internet, old books, FIIT JEE papers, etc.  Got a bit distracted because of the first time access to Internet 😉 did and saw some usual stuff that any first timer of internet would. 

And eventually got 429/500 scoring 90 and 89 in math and science respectively, could have got even more, anyways past is past. Pursued computer science stream in 11th and slackened a bit and got my best preparation for 12th board examinations and got admission in mechanical engineering department in CEG, Anna University and now being a final year student, 

I believe the experience I had during my 7th grade was my life changing experience and got me where I am now. 

To sum up all i can say is Trust in God

Write about your strongest memory of heart-pounding belly-twisting nervousness: what caused the adrenaline? Was it justified? How did you respond?

The Hydraulics and Pneumatics examination day, was the most worst nervousness day, though the subject is quite cool, the lectures were presented in an uninteresting way, which made me hate the subject, and the subject had lot of circuits and application oriented problems, which requires understanding the problem first and then drawing necessary circuits. I mugged most of the circuits as I had little or no clear picture of the various valves and their working principle.

And moreover the lecturer was more of a psycho, so I was terribly feared and nervous of performing well in the exam, the atmosphere was so terrifying and I sweated a lot and felt a breakdown during examination too. Thank god I recovered and wrote the answers I know.

The whole semester examination was a nightmare and a nerve twisting moment of my life, as I had no trouble in scoring n mastering subjects during school days, but coming to college it was an entire new or confusing and tiring experience. I was not as focused during classes and the addiction I got to **** .. . all lead to my down fall.

Anyway now I am happy that I overcame it and a totally new man, I understood what is expected from me and how to give that. . .