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War Flower

The first job always offers exciting and equally some weird OMG, WTF moments. When the mix is in right proportion (Spending too extensive or rather intensive 😛 😀 training phase, has taken its toll on me ) and if you are bold and brave enough to accept the sudden change and move along with it, well congratulations, Welcome to corporate world, your rat race is yet to begin, make yourself accustomed to the new principles and new people and start on,.

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Well, if you are one of the very few who didn’t explore the people and the world around you enough, this new environment, people, their behavior and their approach would put you in so much mental and emotional agony,.make you feel all alone like in an island, like if you are made to float free in space. Hope will be the only one left. How long you persist and hold on to it and CHANGE THINGS AND MAKE THINGS GO YOUR WAY is up to you and only you.


Because as history has taught us, Change is usually brought by an individual who had the will and courage to stand by the values and TRUTH. But the main prerequisite for the ONE who wishes to bring the change is to be right and ideal. Most importantly the clarity and the values that one holds on to. .

Some times the same values and principles may be more of a liability and stop you from moving ahead with your life, may even eat your inside out. Implode you,. Living becomes extremely difficult then. . .


Cutting the crap, Well,  like all I had a totally different expectation from my first job and obviously wanted to learn a lot and become somebody important in the company. . And the experience and the people I ve met so far is a great mix of REAL world, which Rocky Balboa perfectly put it as CRUEL and ruthless. . But that’s the way the world is right?

At first I thought, I ll get used to it and it would be a joyous journey like college one, where though I barely had very few close friends, yet I never felt alone. . Whereas here its quite different. .as it goes, day by day, week by week, my interest towards the subject is waning steadily and its mind wrecking and heart crushing sometimes. . People whom you care the most and trust your secrets with ratting on you and not giving a damn about you and being busy when you are literally brain fcked I thought were the stuffs for movies,.


But seeing it and feeling it in real time, for the first time is somewhat extremely painful and difficult to endure. . But there are some people who are extremely interesting, knowledgeable who go out of their way and job to help and teach the concepts, to whom I owe a great respect and I hope to become one like them in the years to come. .

Coming to the brighter side, instead of focusing and lamenting on how things could have turned out, how people should have cared, how good it would have been, if it had been that. . and so on. .


Its wise and good to focus on building a new world for myself, with the same values and principles with some up gradations in such a way I can adapt. Survival of the fittest I ve heard, But I guess here it takes more that just fitness to survive. .


Anyway, following religion sincerely always has its advantages. . I am a staunch believer of a saying,

God may always test his children, but he never abandons and hurts them like worldly people. .He will ultimately save them and nurture them dearly. .

Ending it on a positive note, Sincere efforts never fail, so I hope I get out of this stronger. .

Change is the only thing constant in the world isn’t it. .

P.S: Embrace yourself More blogs are coming. 🙂