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Engineering an MBA

Engineering is about doing the best what you can with the limited resources and facility, goes the saying, which is raw truth. Being fresh out of college one might aspire to build a space ship or build an iron man suit, or even building an invisible aircraft carrier like the one in The Avengers,.! (Trust me I seriously tried to do all of these :D)

It all seemed very doable and all one needs is perfect, disciplined scientific and engineering knowledge and world seemed a calm place and I gave a fuck about very few people and I didnt bother about others. Thats how world was from my perspective as an Mechanical Engineer right out of College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University, one of the prestigious college of India. (Little bragging about my institution does no harm right!!?)

Well, coming back, with such high ambitions and hopes entered the corporate world. The induction program was amazing and the oath taking about the ideals and ways we work were astonishing and brilliant. After getting into work and facing real world and real life PEOPLE and REAL fking problems which were put up against me, I was like WTF!!

Real world welcomed me with “Hey, The amazing rocket science technology, invisible flight carrier, and suits you imagined you would build, fuck them., nobody gives a damn about them and we cant make money out of it !! and we dont operate in that segment and our products and customers are way in different end. so fck it and focus on making money and adding value to company”

Was little hurtful and shed few tears, but thinking about the reality and business world, I came to realize thats the bitter truth, at least in this current stand point in my life. Any business ANY business for that matter is about staying competitive and CREATING value for company.

R&D, production, sales, marketing, whatever department and position you may be in, if you don’t bring meat to table, nobody gives a damn about you and regardless of your department your contribution must reflect in balance sheet of the company, thats when you get to be the STAR. The sooner you realize and move around, the better, or else its doomed.

That’s how the corporate giants operate.! The higher the pay the higher the risks, stakes to manage and deliver results, simple philosophy. I wish I was given a stint about this logic and the approach strategy in college, thereby things could have been learnt in a different and more serious way.

Starting as an engineer and working the way up the ladder becomes some time too much. That’s when I realized MBA boost up pack on resume and would be the facility to shift careers in life. But the stakes and money spent in getting an MBA from premier institutions are way huge like 15L  and upwards thus immediate job after it becomes an compulsion and the rate at which you manage your earnings and repay your loan debt with interest matters.

All roads leads to business, thats what I feel personally, after being hit by a brick wall called life. And Money is what world, your relatives, parents, friends RESPECT and worship. Possession of which is perceived as success and flair. Wondering where this common notion would end.

Cutting the crap,.thinking about mastering business administration.


First Job

I think this what people call a Miracle.  The sequence of events which took place still makes me wonder how it happened. So let me rephrase them.

I am a final year Mechanical engineering student, of Anna University, Chennai. Like many of my fellow colleagues, I neither had a excellent GPA or desire to pursue higher studies immediately after under graduation and on the other hand I was really looking to work in an industry and apply the engineering skills I acquired and which will also support my family’s unsteady income. 

Unlike other colleges of Tamil Nadu, Anna University is the best in engineering, so we were assured of lot of companies visiting our campus and recruiting far more students than from other colleges.  But still the numbers weren’t as great as last year because of recession.  

Even of the IT giants such as Infosys, IBM, TCS, Wipro, CTS, Accenture,  only Infosys and Accenture came around this year. Sad part is they came at the beginning of the placement season when people were high on confidence and believed that they could land on a core job. So many didn’t take them seriously, and some wise farsighted serious people got placed in them. .

But then as expected the core companies slowly started to come in good numbers, While very few companies took 3 or 4 students, most of the companies stuck with 2. The strength is approximately 250, (Actually it should have been 150 at max, but because of few corrupt officials, over 100 additional students came in, by greasing various palms, typical Indian system 😦  )  ofcourse the eligible and willing people were around say 180 students.

Just imagine, the 2 people per company, it would take life long to get all students placed and never so many companies have visited our campus too. 

So the desperate students prepared hard and gave their best shot at each company, but most companies looked at just GPA and either they didn’t even bother to ask technical questions or the questions were away from area of interest. 9 pointers and the 8 pointers were getting placed quickly and 7 pointers faced the heat, and I was among them.

There were few companies which did a fair job by giving equal opportunities I would say, or purposely selected 7 pointers, to be precise, 2 companies L&T  and Carborundum Universal Ltd, each selected one seven pointer. And luckily I was one among them.

Carborundum Universal Ltd. is the one which trusted this first graduate 7 pointer.  Will give my best to them. When the results were announced, I just couldn’t believe it, After receiving offer letter, called my mom and said her, and went to Lord Ganesha temple, which was at the other end of the campus, and drove back to home. 

I believe God always helps us, the only thing he asks is to follow his principles and to love all, If one follows him, he will definitely look after us, though the going may seem difficult.  I saw it in my own eyes, after getting rejected by more than 20 companies, I was terribly depressed and feeling low,  and the Carborundum came like a breeze and relieved me. 

I wish my other friends who are trying hard to get placed soon, I know eventually they will, But I hope they get placed soon, so that they can enjoy the final days of college, without any pressure. 


An Engineer’s problem

Once upon a time in India, when every student who completed High school final examinations successfully with high marks opted for medicine and the others chose arts and literature. . . And SOME, SOME really interested or LUCKY ones got into engineering. . Then came the demand. . Which was huge as there were meager number of students, and the progress in manufacturing started to improve at good pace. .

And then came the ILLUSION or misconception that students who studied engineering got high pays and got settled in no time. .bla bla. .Which takes us to next stage, Many students joined engineering, not as many but somewhat higher than the usual. .And as the industrial growth and economy was also developing all along, was capable of absorbing the few more excess students. .

Thus our people, the Indian parents formed a strong opinion or believed that studying ENGINEERING = settled life, hefty salary package, and most importantly it takes just 4 years to study, unlike medicine where you have to study atleast 10 good years to earn as much as an engineer would do. .

So the craze was on and the rich goons and mafias understood the situation and started x, y, z engineering colleges, and pocketed the hard earned money of middle class parents who sent their sons to those colleges to study. That was the first step of quality degradation. In span of just few years, there were 500 colleges in just MY STATE, Only god knows how many are in whole India.

Quality of Engineering was eroding exponentially, and thus leaving many new fresh engineering graduates clueless, and most importantly JOBLESS. Thats when IT Information Technology kicked in, it absorbed engineers from all disciplines, like chemical, agricultural, mechanical, electrical, electronics, civil etc. . and trained them in some software and employed them..  As most of the clients were MNCs located abroad, the pay package was decent too. . 

But the crucial or more threatening problem is the engineering discipline which one majored went USELESS. . But no body seemed to care all the parents and students want was a decent job, Engineering degree, and settled life. . .

The even  worst thing was, this became a TREND. . Many of my school friends who were sharp, and intelligent are delighted and sharing statuses on facebook that they got placed in some IT concern. . I was happy that they got a job, But at the same time, I was deeply worried that, these guys deserve much more, and they could have achieved more. .

But sadly life is not all what we want or what we wish isn’t it. .    

Coming to my story. .

Me, Nearly going to complete Mechanical engineering, in the so called most privileged college in my state or one among the best in country, the The great CEG, Anna University.  

Being @ last semester, looking back at the 4 year course, It taught me much more than just Engineering. The IT giants came in and recruited bulk number of students in our campus too. .  

As I said earlier some bright minds of my class and college,  got slipped into it too. . . The core companies visiting the campus are few in number and the number of students they recruit are even few. . . Wishing to get placed soon. .. .

Solar Refrigeration

Our design and fabrication Project, is about to come to an END. . Though initially there were few hiccups proceeding with this project, on seeing the big picture, I am satisfied to some extent. We learned and experienced few new things, met new people and got new contacts, got to know about various places in coll, which we earlier thought never existed. .

Had been the DC compressor arrived in time, it would have been AWESOME, the additional costs coz of getting an inverter and battery would have been saved. . roughly 8000 bucks. . 

Day after tomorrow is the final review and viva, and tomorrow is the last day for getting the thesis signed by our guide and the head of the department. 

We: myself, Abish, Naveen, Benz, have stood up for each other all time and though I cant say everybody has worked equal hours 😉 The support each one provided for one another was tremendous, and whenever one or 2 of us had work, the other 2 would chip in and do the work.  .  in crucial times. . Thats how a great TEAM would work.  ..


We are more like Avengers, a team of superstars. .Each having a unique potential and power,. .Very happy to be part of such a cool team. . 

Looking forward for Next Semester project. .

Atlast Its going to END

Well, I am talking about the semester examinations at the coll, though this time they have been little kind and easy on us, they can be dangerous, if not handled properly, So far so good, just one more to go, Industrial Management, God only knows why such a subject was invented in first place and why was it made compulsory for Mechanical Engineering students, I totally agree that management and organisation bla bla. is necessary, But i dont see the point in learning a subject for it.

Its got to take some common sense and some strategy to organize resources and people in a company. . Anyway I don want to mull about it anymore, I ve got to read those countless number of management terminologies and the hierarchies and structures and have to exactly replicate it in day after tomorrow’s examination.

Today’s Turbomachinery was pretty cool, as expected all the questions were easy and so low level, Gave a good shot, got  to see how it turned out, when results come out. .