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Got Used and thrown away

Depression, Mental agony, Emotional Stress, Despair, Restlessness, Drastic drop in performance, severe loss in creativity and coolness, these are the things I got from loving you sincerely and giving you too many chances which you didnt deserve. You didnt hurt my heart and lie just once, but infinite number of times, it would be extremely shameful for me if I list them all down, I never should have got back to you normal after you said that you chose someone over me as if I am an apple or orange to choose. I am a human and I have life for your information.

You are a girl and so you may get hit by lot of boys, but keep that to yourself and show some respect for those who love you despite how many times you hurt them. Because I had only 2 friends among the lot of 9 and one betrayed me and ratted me out, other choose someone over me and befriended with my sworn enemy, with whom too I tried to be nice just because of her.

But she doesnt care only, cant you just see it, every time you have to ask and confirm? Don’t you have brain and eyes for yourself. If she really cares about you, there are simple methods to show it, you were so foolish and put yourself and your energy and time in line of her just without thinking about consequences and how much she cared about me.

I tried to learn a language I hate for her. Tried to be nice with people who repeatedly hurt me, betrayed me. I even said some very secretive details about me to her, repeatedly tried to find reason with her, but all I got in return is NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. Amazing isnt it.

She says something, means something else and does something totally different. I ve never used to these kinda behavior, Its a good lesson to learn after all. Earlier I had a good self respect about myself, I mortgaged it entirely for you and tried to understand you and even when you hurt me and were angry for no reason, I just cared about you, like a dog I came with you wherever you asked me to, talked with people and searched for answers . .

Stop being a hypocrite and get a life and don’t use people, because what you sow, what you reap. .