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Got Used and thrown away

Depression, Mental agony, Emotional Stress, Despair, Restlessness, Drastic drop in performance, severe loss in creativity and coolness, these are the things I got from loving you sincerely and giving you too many chances which you didnt deserve. You didnt hurt my heart and lie just once, but infinite number of times, it would be extremely shameful for me if I list them all down, I never should have got back to you normal after you said that you chose someone over me as if I am an apple or orange to choose. I am a human and I have life for your information.

You are a girl and so you may get hit by lot of boys, but keep that to yourself and show some respect for those who love you despite how many times you hurt them. Because I had only 2 friends among the lot of 9 and one betrayed me and ratted me out, other choose someone over me and befriended with my sworn enemy, with whom too I tried to be nice just because of her.

But she doesnt care only, cant you just see it, every time you have to ask and confirm? Don’t you have brain and eyes for yourself. If she really cares about you, there are simple methods to show it, you were so foolish and put yourself and your energy and time in line of her just without thinking about consequences and how much she cared about me.

I tried to learn a language I hate for her. Tried to be nice with people who repeatedly hurt me, betrayed me. I even said some very secretive details about me to her, repeatedly tried to find reason with her, but all I got in return is NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. Amazing isnt it.

She says something, means something else and does something totally different. I ve never used to these kinda behavior, Its a good lesson to learn after all. Earlier I had a good self respect about myself, I mortgaged it entirely for you and tried to understand you and even when you hurt me and were angry for no reason, I just cared about you, like a dog I came with you wherever you asked me to, talked with people and searched for answers . .

Stop being a hypocrite and get a life and don’t use people, because what you sow, what you reap. .


You, Its all about you.


Distraction, Hard focusing, Restlessness and finally frustration. These are the cycle of events which would happen to anyone who is trying to focus hard on their work, be it Studying for your exams(Which is my case), working at your office, listening a lecture.  All events which requires or even DEMANDS Concentration. 

The power of human mind is limitless and exceptional, which makes it difficult to set its focus on your work. Proper set of ethics and a control mechanism is absolutely necessary.

What I am about to record here in this blog is the problems I face when focusing and the mechanism I came forth(still in Beta testing stage). 😉 . .

The MAIN PROBLEM is COMPARISON. Comparing our-self with others, in all aspects possible, be it your salary, how happy you are, What others are doing is what we constantly focus or at least our mind obsesses on. The obsession sometimes goes beyond our control and it becomes more of a habit in subconscious mind, which becomes a serious setback for executing our potential or being our self, which is my case.

It irritates and even frustrates you to the core, when your mind doesn’t follow your words and yet again think of some random meaningless things and dwell over it constantly even though Your brain explains you clearly whats right whats wrong and what needs to be done, your mind simply doesn’t seem to heed the advice of the brain, which FRUSTRATES and makes you restless, which may even get some weak minded people to commit suicide.

The next point is setting a resting place in mind, ie. like imagining yourself in your dream job or your ultimate aim. And constantly resting there and reminding yourself about the big picture. This is very important than what it sounds because its is like building a home in your imagination for your mind to rest or to remind you who are you and what you need to do. This literally makes you, associates you with your passion and drives you forward or backward. 

Usually one may tend to think about building the house of passion and most of the cases its suffice. But sometimes it may leave you hostile and isolated, so build a house of Core values and Passion.

For example, imagine yourself doing the what you love in a Excellent manner, in my case designing turbo machinery.  And make sure that you all you do is converging towards achieving your dream, and the most important part of this imaginary house concept is

Don’t give a sh*t about what others do, what others think of you, How you fair against them 

At the same time outperform you yourself every moment and have a deep connection with your mind and just relax and don’t strain it when it wanders and just don’t entertain what it fetches you, the moment when you don’t give a sh*t to what ever that pops in your mind, and don’t try to force your mind, just be relaxed and carry on, but be conscious of what you think.

Then will come PEACE  the most vital control element which can make you do wonders. Don’t look back at your problems, when you do so, immediately you mind will get obsessed again and get fixated on some stupid issue or stupid people and will seriously trouble you and pull down your potential to perform your best.

Staying away from energy suckers is also crucial. There are evil people who will be jealous of your talent and abilities and will sincerely hope you fail, and the worst is they will be in disguise as friends to you. So identify who is who soon and eliminate the energy suckers.

Surround yourself with positive, successful and feelgood people, as much as possible, because they bring positivism along with them and thereby your self motivation and inspiration levels will substantially increase. Stay away from skeptical and pessimists,
they might be playing mind games to bring your spirits down and to make you worse.

 Summing up, all i want is build your imaginary virtual house which connects you and your dream and at the same times reminds you of your core values, and stay positive all the time and Never give a Sh*t about what others do and tell. .

These were the common psychological problems i faced or everybody would face in their mind, so just thought of sharing my views regarding these problems and solutions for it. . . Hope that it helps somebody to get better or feel better. If that’s the case I would be very happy for it. .

Nurture your Beautiful Mind 🙂 and have a great day