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Engineering an MBA

Engineering is about doing the best what you can with the limited resources and facility, goes the saying, which is raw truth. Being fresh out of college one might aspire to build a space ship or build an iron man suit, or even building an invisible aircraft carrier like the one in The Avengers,.! (Trust me I seriously tried to do all of these :D)

It all seemed very doable and all one needs is perfect, disciplined scientific and engineering knowledge and world seemed a calm place and I gave a fuck about very few people and I didnt bother about others. Thats how world was from my perspective as an Mechanical Engineer right out of College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University, one of the prestigious college of India. (Little bragging about my institution does no harm right!!?)

Well, coming back, with such high ambitions and hopes entered the corporate world. The induction program was amazing and the oath taking about the ideals and ways we work were astonishing and brilliant. After getting into work and facing real world and real life PEOPLE and REAL fking problems which were put up against me, I was like WTF!!

Real world welcomed me with “Hey, The amazing rocket science technology, invisible flight carrier, and suits you imagined you would build, fuck them., nobody gives a damn about them and we cant make money out of it !! and we dont operate in that segment and our products and customers are way in different end. so fck it and focus on making money and adding value to company”

Was little hurtful and shed few tears, but thinking about the reality and business world, I came to realize thats the bitter truth, at least in this current stand point in my life. Any business ANY business for that matter is about staying competitive and CREATING value for company.

R&D, production, sales, marketing, whatever department and position you may be in, if you don’t bring meat to table, nobody gives a damn about you and regardless of your department your contribution must reflect in balance sheet of the company, thats when you get to be the STAR. The sooner you realize and move around, the better, or else its doomed.

That’s how the corporate giants operate.! The higher the pay the higher the risks, stakes to manage and deliver results, simple philosophy. I wish I was given a stint about this logic and the approach strategy in college, thereby things could have been learnt in a different and more serious way.

Starting as an engineer and working the way up the ladder becomes some time too much. That’s when I realized MBA boost up pack on resume and would be the facility to shift careers in life. But the stakes and money spent in getting an MBA from premier institutions are way huge like 15L ¬†and upwards thus immediate job after it becomes an compulsion and the rate at which you manage your earnings and repay your loan debt with interest matters.

All roads leads to business, thats what I feel personally, after being hit by a brick wall called life. And Money is what world, your relatives, parents, friends RESPECT and worship. Possession of which is perceived as success and flair. Wondering where this common notion would end.

Cutting the crap,.thinking about mastering business administration.